The Infinity Chronicle

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Gods Of Men Comic

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The Infinity Chronicle Book Covers

My novella series ‘The Infinity Chronicle’ is a work comprised of 5 core parts,

Illustration – Phantom Of The Opera

What a show! Watched this with my Girlfriend recently and loved it. We’ve been

Colouring – Meet The KS KillSquad

For my comic series, Gods Of Men, Kickstarter I offered a reward tier of

Work Begins on GOM Issue2!

The epic saga continues! Having almost finished my Novella, The Infinity Chronicle, I’ve once

The Enemy Within – Horror Anthology Submission

Below is the script for my currently ‘in-progress’ 4 page short which is planned

Beyond Redemption – A 2000AD Future Shock Submission

Below is my first attempt at a 4 page ‘shocker’ for illustrious UK comic