The Painting of Analog Vs Digital

In the post-apocalypse days of the future, two factions war over the purity of the only remaining thing that matters. The Music.

Back in 2005 I did some concept work for a small record label which was far too cartoony to ever be used but my favourite was the original drawing below “Analog Vs Digital”. It was always one of my favourites and so upon recently discovering the fantastic Procreate App on Ipad I decided it would be a perfect practice image for tracing, inking and painting.

It really was a rewarding experience for numerous reasons most notably for learning how much the base drawing improved with just a few small adjustments in tracing as well as even more improvements at inking stage.

I also realised just how important it was in digital painting to maintain my layer structuring, both for the painting process and ensuring layers showed through correctly above as well as for post production later.

The overall scene took on a whole new dimension when I added a backdrop after painting and it was really pleasing to see how excellent it looked following that.

analog vs digital - drawing analog vs digital - bnw 1 analog vs digital - inked analog vs digital - painted analog vs digital - finished