Colouring – Celestia | Goddess of the Stars

Hail Celestia, Goddess Of the Stars!

For my Girlfriends birthday recently she wanted herself as a super heroine so who was I to refuse!

Working with the artist from my Gods of Men comic series, we based the creation of Celestia on the archetype of Wonder Woman but with some modifications added in mixed with a nice recolouring to better distinguish her.

The name originally came about just as something to draw some inspiration from for the colouring, but as usual as you begin to consider the character all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas begin to form.

In the beginning when the universe formed the universal spirit of oneness split into it’s parts of Ying and Yang to create the friction to generate life.

The forces of Ying and Yang manifested as four individuals each, 4 of light, 4 of darkness. Celestia was a child of light and the Goddess of the stars, bringing light to the dark universe.

The mythology then goes on to pair her with Solaris, the God of Suns, the bringer of warmth to the universe. Their fellow Gods are Luminos and Galaxia.

Their are 4 matching ‘dark’ counterparts to each of the characters but I didn’t take the mythology that far.

The key crux of the story would be that the leader of the dark gods would have captured Solaris and imprisoned him in a planet of ice, separating him and Celestia for all of time or until the day she can finally defeat the dark powers.

In my mind the character hearkens back to classic intergalactic space spirit characters, representing elemental forces, a kind of universal high fantasy with gods.

Celestia herself would be a softer character than her Wonder Woman counterpart, forever seeking a way to free her lost love from his frosty prison, and the many stories would represent her quest to fulfil this.