Colouring – Meet The KS KillSquad

For my comic series, Gods Of Men, Kickstarter I offered a reward tier of being in the comic. Not only where those backers in the actual comic but in order to give extra value I provided a pin-up of specifically them to each of them, commissioned via talented artist Matt Rooke (main artist on Bubbles O Seven issue 1).
Matt’s work is excellent, he has a light line style that creates beautiful panels and he did a great job on capturing the faces of each of the people, so much so that many instantly used them as their social media profile pics, high praise indeed!

Colouring this was great, one of the big challenges being to understand how a strong midday-sun would affect the desert fatigues and weaponry. Quite a bit was done in post-production to this one to really raise the colours up, a side effect of working on a backlit high-resolution iPad screen is that colours can seem muted once on a standard monitor as well as once printed, even on high-quality gloss. After some Photoshop magic however I was very happy with how it all worked out.