Colouring – Tomb Of The Judges

After some recent practice with comic colouring as part of visualising my characters from my Gods Of Men comic I decided to grab hold of some classic #2000AD strips kicking about the place and colour one or two panels that grabbed me.

The first was from a Rogue Trooper strip, which you can see elsewhere on my blog, and served as a good jumping on point for some new skills from my new “How to colour comics” by Hi-Fi Colour, as well as testing some new features in Procreate App on iPad.

Procreate is my method of choice because I can colour direct on the iPad which feels much more fun and natural but at the same time have the benefits of Photoshop level tools from within the app. It’s also great for being able to zoom in quickly and easily and concentrate on small areas / intricate line art.

After Rogue Trooper I knew I’d likely choose “Tomb of The Judges” a great panel from a Judge Dredd series, the story being based around Judges being abducted and encased alive in Judge statues designed to watch over a madman in the afterlife Egyptian style.

2000adThis bit of work was much more intricate and time consuming. The scene also requires lots of consideration for lighting, with the scene being underground and lit only by 3 torches of fire. This was a great learning experience for attempting some fire / dynamic lighting and I’m happy with how it came out.

Also with this, as with Rogue Trooper, I’ve been playing with colour scheme generators based on colour theory etc, trying to combine palettes etc for vibrancy. I think it worked in this, with the choice of jade for the casket working really well and the other colours seemingly working with each other well, giving the scene a vibrant eeriness to it.



2000AD Prog 495 – 8th November 1986
Rogue Trooper “Back In Action”
Script – Wagner / Grant
Art – Ian Gibson
Lettering – T Frame