Colouring – Rogue Trooper

Following some new skills and new software I decided to see if I could step my comics colouring up a notch and settled on re-colouring some old 2000AD panels.

Rogue Trooper has always been a favourite of mine and with his blue skin it would be something different to colour. The panel I choose had rogue in full view in a nice stalking action pose and would have give me a chance to practice some crazy lighting as some Troopers teleport in to the scene.

With black and white it’s interesting how you colour it given that there are no clues to any of the colours and it’s up to you to create something and most likely it will be completely unique.

This was my first use of a specific palette in my colouring work based on some colour theory whereby in the past I have just gone by my minds eye in what I wanted to create. I think the danger in that approach is my inexperience with colour and the benefits of colour theory are that combinations are almost scientifically proven to compliment each other, making the work more pleasing overall to a greater range of people.


2000AD Prog 495 – 8th November 1986
Rogue Trooper “Back In Action”
Script – Geller / MacManus
Art – Steve Dillon
Lettering – Gordon Robson