Colouring – Fist Of Dredd

Here we go again! Some more procreate colouring and another classic 2000AD panel, if not one of the most icon ones.

Dredd is one of the most iconic characters in comic book history and this panel embodies much of what is brilliant about him, the Dark Judges are also his most iconic villains and here we see him laying some smack down on one of them.

It’s wonderful to colour such a hallowed panel but it certainly gives you fear that you may do it a dis-service. As it stands, for an amateur such as myself I liked how it came out. The blue background presented a pain of a challenge in that finding the best colour to offset the others was a challenge, in the end I settled for the slightly electric blue over my other option of a mouldy green which I thought may have helped to set the necrotic mood better given the undead nature of the Dark Judges.

2000AD Prog 227 – 29th August 1981

Judge Dredd “Fist Of Dredd”

Art – Ian Gibson