The Infinity Chronicle Book Covers

My novella series ‘The Infinity Chronicle’ is a work comprised of 5 core parts, which you can read all of here on the blog via the link on the side menu. Nearing completion, I wanted to work on the covers for each part of the novella and had some clear ideas of what I wanted to do that had been gestating for some time.

I’d used a color scheme builder previously and with a little refinement was happy with the overall scheme, I also had a very clear idea of the illustration I wanted, the chain circle with the story balls for each of the parts.
Due to not being particularly adept / constrained for time, I was looking for a way to create visually interesting covers from my base colours easily and decided on trying some free texture files from the web, dropped in front of my main colour and then made transparent by as much as 85% on some of the textures, to give my strong colours some design undertones.

It all worked rather well and each of the textures used fits in with the theme of that particular novella part. The chain circle really creates a nice simple visual method of conveying the part you are reading of the whole and the specific saga title speaks for itself.