Gods Of Men Comic

Follow On FACEBOOK Download Issue #1 Here The Project After a good year or

Comic Script – All The World’s A Stage – Nemesis 2016 Millarworld Entry

2016’s Millarworld Competition was a great chance to test my writing muscles and for

Comics Colouring – Cordelia Swift Pinup

Things just got interesting. Firstly, a big thanks to Mike Jackson (www.mikimusprime.co.uk) and Matt

Comics Colouring – Judge Dredd

Here we go again! Some more procreate colouring and another classic 2000AD panel, if

Comics Colouring – Rogue Trooper

Following some new skills and new software I decided to see if I could

Comic Colouring – Tomb Of The Judges

After some recent practice with comic colouringĀ as part of visualising my characters from my