Gods Of Men (Comic)


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The Project

After a good year or two of solid comic reading, following having renewed my lifelong interest in the medium, I thought about a comic I might be interested to write and slowly but surely my idea came to me. Gods of Men is the realistic story of what would happen in the event that someone with Superman level powers should emerge and come to be the sole force of super-power on the planet, with him slowly becoming the de-facto ruler as time wears down his noble principles. The comic follows the first team of super-powered individuals who have been trained to combat him and the epic engagement that ensues when the they finally collide. Influenced by creators such as Millar, Moore and Ennis it’s intended to be told in full over 9 issues, with scope for a prequel and a sequel further exploring the characters and concepts.



“In the year 2045 the Earth and its destiny no longer belongs to its inhabitants nor its leaders. The once great superhero ‘The Sentinel’ has ruled the Earth for over a decade and alters the course of fate for nations and governments as and when he chooses”

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Or from the perspective of a god are such questions simply trivial? A once great protector has, in the eyes of humanity, grown to become a despotic overlord who saves and condemns as he chooses but with what right and what authority? His rule is accepted by most but merely tolerated by many and ever do the leaders of once great governments plot to end his reign.

Now after many years a desperate plan begins to bear fruit as the time approaches for a team of mis-matched super powered individuals, scoured from around the world, to come together and do battle for the fate of humanity.



Senti-MiniThe Sentinel

A great hero whose early days saw him soar in glory as part of the first generation of super individuals to emerge from the planets diverse populace. After tragedy strikes, those once golden days became black as he came to be the last of his kind; with time and growing apathy the experience has slowly changed him into the despotic ruler he is today. Taking the name ‘The Sentinel’ he watches  now from his palace on the moon preserving and destroying in accordance with some unknown great plan.

The Justice Force of Earth

A desperate coalition of nations has worked long to scour amongst its peoples for those with signs of the super gene, signs being the exhibiting of bio-kinetic abilities such as super-strength and speed as well as other specialist traits. Five such individuals have been found over time and slowly but surely built into a cohesive fighting force.

char - guardian v3 LRGuardian

The second to youngest member of the team, Guardian hails from the African nation of Tanzantia, a newly formed democracy born of the ashes of old Tanzania after The Sentinel raised much of it to the ground. Guardians powers manifested only 6 months before his joining the team and along with strength and speed he is able to project his psi-shields for a very short amount of time.

char - stryker v3 LRStryker

The team’s leader, Stryker is a Lieutenant in the Nationalist Army of China and has been raised to be a fearless warrior by the military since being identified at a young age as one of the gifted. Her secondary power is the ability to create psi-blades from her fists which, as field tests have proven, are deadly tools on the battlefield. She is devoted to her country but at times finds the intense pressure placed on her too much to bare.

char - maximus v3 LRMaximus

The almost giant-like Maximus is American born and bred and has been ‘financially coerced’ to be in the team. His size that matches his strength is no coincidence and is a part-physical manifestation of his abilities but the often arrogant and loud muscle mountain is more than he lets on to those around him with a side to him that he lets only certain persons see.

char - doppler v3 LRDoppler

The youngest member of the team, Doppler is from the country of New Israel and is a reluctant member of the Justice Force and socialises little with the others outside of training hours. Her one true passion in life is to run and this is reflected in her ability to reach ultra-fast speeds, being hands-down the fastest of the team, and so long as she is allowed to indulge this passion she remains at the training facility.

char - visage v3 LRVisage

The oldest Justice Force member, Visage is from the Kingdom of Brazil and was given the decision of remaining in jail or to serve on the team as his nations representative. Regardless of his past he displays a calm and collected manor during training exercises and often works well with the other members save for Maximus for whom each other seem to have developed a mutual enmity.