Work Begins on GOM Issue2!

The epic saga continues!

Having almost finished my Novella, The Infinity Chronicle, I’ve once again picked up on my Comic series, Gods Of Men. It’s been great to get back to finishing the story that is rolling around in my head when it comes to this series. You can get a sneak peak of the first half of the series below, it finishes at the mid-point cliffhanger where our team of heroes have engaged the The Sentinel and believe themselves to have finally gained the upper hand…

Page 1 – Cover

COVER LOGO = GODS OF MEN – Shadow Of The Sentinel
Writing & Colours – Michael Phoenix
Art By – Christian Paris
Lettering – Ken Reynolds

Page 2 – Introduction

The Self Proclaimed Ruler Of Earth, The Once Great Hero ‘The Sentinel’, Has Been Engaged.

An Untested Team Of Heroes, Composed Of Rare Individuals From The Worlds Populace Who Possess Extraordinary Psi-onic Powers, Have Been Drawn Together And Set Against Him.

Lured To Earth From His Throne On The Moon, Only A Staged War Between Nations Could Bring Down His Wrath In The Hopes That He Be Taken By Surprise And His Reign Ended Swiftly.

‘The Sentinel’ It Seems, Will Not Be Usurped Easily, Strength Alone Will Not Be Enough To Defeat Him And Banish His Name To Mere Legend.

Now The Real Battle Begins Amongst The Gods Of Men…

Page 3 – R – Maximus Falls
/Panel 1a
Maximus & The Sentinel are locked together by each of their hands in a contest of power, for the first panel we focus on The Sentinel, who has a look of enjoyment on his face as he matches the strength of Maximus seemingly effortlessly

‘I am reborn’

/Panel 1b
Focus on the face of Maximus as he seems to be having difficulty matching the strength of The Sentinel, something he is not accustomed to.
Panel 1a & 1b should likely be ½ width panels and on the same line.

‘My enemy, I love, like a dear friend’

/Panel 2
We see now several members of the JFOE looking on. One of them is Guardian. He distracts Maximus by sending him a telepathic message
Guardian (thought) “Maximus Watch Out”
Letters – The bubble for this and other telepathics should have a Design style similar to issue 1

‘To answer his challenge, I once more must strive.’

/Panel 3a
We focus once more on the face of Maximus, his eyes now looking away and in the direction of the team.
*consider an effect, such as a line running through the middle of the panel to denote graphically he has been distracted by the message (FOTNS Style)

‘But my struggle has meaning, only…’

/Panel 3b

Panel 3a & 3b should likely be a conjoined panel with a horizontal line separating the two above and below each over, the overall panel taking being of 33% width, then panel 4 should be on the same line and at the same height.

‘If my challenger falls…’

/Panel 4
The Sentinel head-butts Maximus between the eyes
‘And, as always’
‘ I am triumphant’

/Panel 5
The Sentinel casts Maximus away and behind him, as an afterthought, his arm still stretched out as he has already begun to walk away, Maximus rockets towards the viewer (possibly outside panel constraints)
‘Foolish children’

Page 4 – L – Team Engages

/Panel 1a
Close up of Stryker

Stryker (Thought) “Maximus!”

/Panel 1b
We see the Silhouette of Maximus fly through several buildings.

/Panel 2
Maximus comes to rest and is unconscious
‘They have been raised against me’

/Panel 3
Stryker says to Guardian to go
‘Raised in the name of valour, honour and service.’

/Panel 4
The Sentinel is in the distance coming towards the team. Stryker gears up the team for an assault.
‘Empty promises’

/Panel 5
The Team set at The Sentinel
‘Promises For which they will suffer.’

Page 5 – R – Maximus Recovers
/Panel 1
We see Guardian come running along the path maximus took in the panel on the previous page, either through the buildings or around them instead.

/Panel 2
Guardian comes to a halt and speaks Maximus name as he kneels next to him
Guardian “Maximus!?”

/Panel 3a
Maximus face is bloodied and battered
Maximus “…”

/Panel 3b
Maximus face is repairing itself and is now less battered
Maximus “….a..aa..aaaa…”

/Panel 3c
Maximus face is repaired. His eyes open
Maximus “..aaaaAARGH SHIT!”

/Panel 4
Maximus sits up suddenly.
Maximus “Fuck!”

Page 6 – L – Guardian & Maximus Discuss
/Panel 1
Guardian holds his hand out to help Maximus up
Guardian “It’s ok, your powers have healed you”
Maximus smacks his hand away
Maximus “No thanks to you”
Maximus “Moron”
/Panel 3
Folds arms, Maximus has risen.
Guardian “Of course, you blame me.”
Maximus “Wasn’t someone else that distracted me was it? Dumbass.”
/Panel 4
Guardian Walks away from Maximus
“I can see you have fully recovered from your wounds.”
“If you’re done laying around, there is a battle being fought without you.”
/Panel 5
Guardian runs away from Maximus
“When you’re ready, perhaps you will rejoin it”

Page 7 – R – Maximus Ponders
/Panel 1a
Maximus is left standing, he looks towards the viewer, he is calmer now, a blurred trail in front of him denotes the leaving of Maximus, some of the force from his departure blows Maximus hair.

Same as above, his hair is now still.
Maximus “Damn kid”
*something distracts him*
Maximus “Hunh?”

We see Maximus’s hand / glove as if we are seeing through his eyes as he holds it at waist height palm face up. There are drops of fresh blood on the fingers of it.
Maximus “Man…”
“This is some real shit I’m in…”

Maximus reaches in to a pocket in his costume.
Maximus “Damn you David”

We see he is running his fingers over the dog tags of a soldier, the name ‘David Schmidt”
David “Sometimes, you have to stand up to people, those who tell us how we should be.”
“If we don’t, we’re just living their lives and not our own”
*Letters should denote this is a memory / thought
We see Maximus from behind now, full body with the city in the distance, he is gripping the dog tag tight in one of his hands.
Maximus “Nice line. Suckered me right in.”

Same scene as above, but he is speeding back to the city now
Maximus “Round Two Arsehole”

Page 8 – L – Team Re-United
Consider this layout for the panels below, a main battle on the left, guardians entrance on the right.
Strykers Blades
Visage Flys
Dopplers Speed
Sentinels Vision

The Sentinel is fighting the three members of the JLOE who stayed behind. Guardian is in the distance heading towards them.

Guardian “Guys I’m Back, Maximus Is Ok”

Thought bubbles denote the team are communicating telepathically to co-ordinate their attacks.

‘They Continue In Their Hopeless Efforts’

The fight continues as Guardian gets closer.

Stryker “Guardian , get ready to attack, on my mark.”
Guardian “…ok, yeh.”

‘But My Victory Is Inevitable’

Guardian is almost on top of the battle, he is ready to strike.

Stryker “NOW”
‘Their Powers Are Unformed, Untested.
“Measured Only By Their Own Strengths, And Weaknesses’

His fist is launched at The Sentinel, his eyes closed
Out of the corner of his eye, The Sentinel sees the blow coming.

‘Whilst The Limits Of My Powers…’

Page 9 – R – Full Battle
/Panel 1
The Sentinel Blocks The Blow With a Shield
‘They Can Only Guess’

/Panel 2
The Sentinel uses his voice blast.

/Panel 3
His Shield goes up in time.

/Panel 4
He flies back across the dirt, still upright
‘Perhaps There Is Some Sport…’

/Panel 5
He thumps into Maximus
‘To Be Had Yet.

Page 10 – L – Get Ready For Alpha 6
/Panel 1
View from below looking up at Maximus face.
Maximus “Hah, you miss me kid?”

/Panel 2
Guardian is recovered a few feet away from Maximus now, dusting himself off
Guardian “I was coming back to see if you’d ran away.”

/Panel 3
The two set off at super speed
Maximus “No chance, not today.”
Guardian “Good, then let us fight together at last.”
Maximus “Absolutely.”

/Panel 4
Stryker, Visage and Doppler are poised in defensive positions, Stryker is at their centre. Maximus and Guardian are coming up on their outsides. From left to right in the panel we see all 5.
Stryker – “Damn”
Visage – “Guardian…?”
Guardian – “I’m fine, Maximus is here”
Maximus – “Miss me?”
Stryker – “Quiet. Everyone, go for Alpha 6, NOW”
Maximus – “Damn, I always said you had balls”
Stryker – “Ready…

/Panel 5
Same panel layout as above. As stryker gives the order, the other 4 members run past her and she is left stationery.

Page 11 – R – Grab Him!
/Panel 1a,b,c,d
Double height panel, split into 4.
Each member of the JLOE, other than Stryker, grabs one of The Sentinels arms or legs, Visage and Maximus his Arms, Doppler & Guardian his legs.

We see the Sentinel laughing as his arms are held.
Sentinel “Bold, but you cannot hold me”

/Panel 3
We see Stryker is now just behind The Sentinel, whispering in his ear.
Stryker “No, but we did distract you, and Visage hid me from your sight…”

/Panel 4
The Sentinel looks surprised