Infinity Chronicles – Atlantis Saga – Pt6 – The Green Door

**The story below is a draft **

Jack stared at The Green Door.

Its smooth emerald frame was juxtaposed against the coarse greys

and dark marbling of the rock face it was set in. On either side two

unlit lanterns stood, he thought, as strange silent guardians, peaceful

now in the soft light of day but likely ominous and imposing when lit in

the black of night.

Jack felt mesmerised by it, he’d seen it in his dreams and something

had led him to this place, something he couldn’t explain but it felt as

though he’d been trying to get here all his life and now he stood

before it he was… scared. No, not scared, it felt right to him it all

made sense somehow he was just, apprehensive, this felt to be the

door to his very future, that should he step through all that was

destined to ever happen to him would come to pass.

It shimmered, it’s greens of emerald, jade and turquoise seemed to

swim across its surface, intermingling and changing as they flowed in

to deeper richer versions of themselves and then suddenly growing

lighter and more translucent. The door seemed to have etched in to it

an intricate pattern, although Jack was finding it hard to keep a picture

of the door in his mind’s eye, its very design was hypnotic and

memory of its particulars seemed to wash themselves from his

thoughts. The pattern though, he concentrated hard, reminded him of

the pattern laid down on a sea bed when the sun shone through clear

waters onto the golden sand below.

A tingle ran down his spine and he looked around him, here on this

path that sat casually on the shoreline of this small holiday island

stood this magnificent door and yet people might pass it every day, so

why was he drawn here, why was he certain it held an incredible

mystery? To find out, he would have to wait. What little he instinctively

knew about the door he knew this for certain, it would not ‘work’ until

midnight, he had no idea how he knew that but he was as sure about

that as he was as sure as he had been that if he came to this place

he’d find it here.

He turned to walk away and in doing so was filled with the strangest

feeling that the door was watching him, like a sleeping guard

lazily eyeing a mouse creeping across the floor from one half open

eye. Whatever adventure laid behind the door would have to wait,

after the tension and angst in getting here he had now some small

time to relax, destiny would wait, and se he walked down to the

shoreline in full view of the midday sun, taking of his socks and shoes

so he’d feel the reality of the sand on his skin. Worries of the door and

the future fast faded from the forefront of his mind, it would all come to

pass later from now, he took two steps into the warm inviting sea

closing his eyes and inhaling as he did so. He was calm. Everything

was at last coming together and this moment now was his, this

moment was the calm before the storm.


Image Attribution : Personal source