Infinity Chronicles – Atlantis Saga – Pt7 – Hidden Depths

**The story below is a draft **

Even now as he explored this amazing place, the descent from the

Green Door down to the hidden city on the oceans floor still continued

to fill Jack with wonder. He had no idea how to describe what he’d

travelled in, its construction was as beautiful as it was intricate and yet

it exhibited a natural organic quality about it all and it had glided

through the water effortlessly, continuing down ever deeper into the

oceans depths, seemingly guided by some unseen force. At first the

ocean had grown dimmer as he’d descended but at a point, for which

he couldn’t say specifically when, the view through the thing but

immensely strong glass seemed to become enriched, colours became

increasingly vibrant and the murky gloom becoming clearer and

clearer until he was sure he had been able to see as far into the

distance as if he were outside on land on a bright day.

Each of the creatures he had come to be able to see, the shoals of

bright blue and yellow fish, the strange fluorescent things that preyed

on them, here and there some large aquatic beast shining wicked

silver, their colours had all stood out against the pale emerald green

backdrop with the luminosity of precious jewels.

In all of that beauty what had struck him the most was the calm, as if

the sub-aquatic world was had no self-awareness of it’s being, so

efficient and so natural with no consciousness to separate it from the

world in which it found itself, he had been as mesmerised by it as he

had been the green door.

When he’d finally arrived at the unknown destination the marvels had

only served to continue. The craft, which seemed the best word for it,

had come to a halt finally but his view of the ocean had once again

dimmed several minutes before his arrival with the view staying like

that until the craft had come to a halt. Its interior was only gently lit

and Jack had waited in the dim dark for what seemed like a small age

until finally the craft opened by one of its many faceted faces, the

panel’s simply withdrawing back into themselves and presenting a

small walkway for whoever was its occupant. At first jack had been

scared that this clearly ancient thing may have brought him to a place

that had long since collapsed under the weight of time and had braced

himself for water to come flooding in upon the first sounds of the craft

opening, ending his adventure and his life there and then. Instead, he

was greeted by a cool damp breeze and the moist salty smell of the


He’d put foot in front of foot and walked forwards into the beginnings

of a long corridor with veins of light marking its length, instantly noting,

as his hands reached out to steady himself, that the walls were not

calcific rock as he expected but were seemingly metallic in nature.

From across the floor, wall and ceiling he could make out that each

face was decorated with beautiful and intricate geometric designs of

things he knew he had no understanding and yet had felt so familiar.

His sense of fear had subsided and had been replaced with

excitement, he had quickly paced the distance of the long corridor,

moving hurriedly to what he was sure was a door at the end of its

length. When he’d finally reached it, the thing shot open suddenly, at

first blinding Jack as his eyes recoiled from the new light they were

subjected to, the corridor then was gloomier than he’d realised, with it

having been some time since they’d seen the light of the midday sun,

but as his eyes adjusted oh what wonders they’d seen.

A vast and cavernous area had lain before him and it was filled with

all manner of structures. It had stretched in view for some distance

until its ends became lost in the darkness of the expanse. In his

immediate vicinity he’d been able to see everything, buildings of all

shapes, sizes and designs were layered atop and after each other

form the scene of the beginnings of a vast city of some kind with here

and there lights marking entrances, windows, streets, roofs, fountains

and more.

Though shocked he’d been filled with awe and intrigue and so

decided to explore the closest structure. As he approached the

closest one to him he’d sworn the building was slowly changing colour

as he stared, as if in a gentle state of flux, and once close enough,

that he should be able to tell with ease its nature, he couldn’t decide if

the material of construction was stone, metal or timber as each time

he placed his hand on an area of the wall it felt different and yet oddly

the same.

He’d felt compelled to explore further but he was no fool and first

checked the entrance by which he’d come upon this spectacle to

assess his options, it failed to open automatically as it did before

which hadn’t surprised Jack but, he’d though, it didn’t scare him, he’d

been drawn there for a reason and knew he would need to press

forward to understand why.

All of that had been over maybe three hours ago now, he had been

walking all that time and had past building after building, all were

sealed and failed to let him enter. He’d passed statues of people he

did not know, saw signs in a language he couldn’t read and as he

walked he felt more and more like he was in a dream of some distant

memory, a sense of slumber certainly pervaded the very foundations

of this place, for some time he swore too that he could hear a strange

pulsing sound at the distance of his hearing range that reminded him

of a calm heartbeat.

He’d had enough. The initial thrill of his discovery and the astounding

sights was giving way to fatigue and tiredness leading him to have a

moments rest on a nearby set of steps that led up to some grand hall,

the third of its kind that he’d seen in the last hour. His stomach

rumbled and reminded him that as dreamlike this all was he was very

much real and he would need to eat something soon from his satchel

he’d brought with him. Whilst he thought about what best to eat first

from his limited supplies he looked down at his feet and the strange

floor that was under them, it looked so smooth and perfectly flat, he’d

noticed that when walking it that it felt both soft and yet firm whilst

perfectly even and unweathered. Nothing made sense in this place he

thought, it all felt somehow not of this earth.

As he continued to look at the floor and wonder on its method of

construction he got the sense that something was changing. He

looked up and noticed nothing different to what he expected to see

and then he got the feeling again, it was a moment or too before he

realised that the already dim lights were dimming further. As it

continued be became anxious as to how dark things would get and

whether the lights would go out altogether, but as the lights began to

truly fade he noticed something strange about the top of the cavern,

he would swear it was getting brighter. And then he saw it. What he

could only assume was beyond the impenetrable blackness that hung

above him was the thick ceiling of this giant cavern like structure that

kept the destructive power of the Sea from rushing in and wiping away

this ghost city. Now it was being revealed to him that it was much

more at as the darkness lifted allowing him to see, for certain, the


It was a dome, not a cavern, the ceiling was made, he guessed, of the

same material or similar as the elevator and as before the ocean now

and all its creatures were slowly coming to life through its strange light

bending properties, now the city ‘sky’ shone with the light of a

thousand moving creatures of a myriad of colours and shapes, it was

like a sunrise of life and it was beautiful.

Jack stood still starring up in amazement, he was mesmerised by it

and stood transfixed until his ears rudely interrupted his bliss by

recording sound to his brain.

“HEY, My God am I glad to see someone else!

Jack had lost track of how many times he’d been astounded that day,

the count had just increased by one.


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