Infinity Chronicles – Outlander Saga – Pt14 – Keeper Of The Pass

**The story below is a draft **

The monstrous amalgam of parts of men and poorly constructed machine was before him, it’s rotting stench assaulting his senses whilst its very existence tried to assail what remained of his sanity.

He’d barely escaped the haunted ruins of the dead city with his life intact, so many stalkers prowled it’s ever turn that it had taken many days to cross its metropolitan expanse. This at last though was the last path. The golden seer had told him that high in this canyon it would take him to the White Sanctuary, a place, she’d said, that did not fall like the rest of civilisation but in fact had gone on to prosper. He could never have known if she spoke rambling lies or had true knowledge of some hidden paradise way beyond the established frontiers, but he’d resolved himself to find out.

It lumbered forward in unsure steps on things for legs that oozed liquids and from which scrap metal fell, as swiftly as it did though tendrils whipped out to pull it back and strange tubes sucked up and recovered the liquid. The creature seemed in a constant state or self-repair, an inconsistent mixture of man and machine fighting itself to stay alive.

In pained and garbled electronic tones it spoke to him.

“Iiii hhaavvee trrackked youuu ffooorr dddddayss, tthrroughhh myy brotheeers and sisssteersss IIII hhavvee feellttt yyyoouu moooveeee tthrrrouugghhh thhhhisssss llaannnd.”

Having descended from its place of waiting in the rock face above as it spoke it moved slowly to block his path via the secret entrance cut into the ravine.

“YYYoouuu hhavvveee ppuurppooseee wwhheen aaalll iinn thiiiss wwwwoorrllldd hhaavvvee nnnoonnee aannnd thhhrrroouughhh yyouu III haaavveeee aattt llaasstttt ffoouuunddd thhhee llaassttt jjjeewwweelllll offff yyoouuurrr ppppeeeooopppllleeee”

It had settled now as a golemic guardian poised at the entrance to the mountain pass with it’s massive frame continuing to writh and rebuild. It had a head, of sorts, comprising a large collection of wires and from somewhere deep within the centre of the black amalgam a single red light glowered out, an eye that perceived the world inangered shades of red and crimson.