Infinity Chronicles – Phoenix Saga – Pt1 – Starfall

**The story below is a draft **

A fireball streaks across the piercing blue midday sky.

It callously leaves behind clouds of stained white smoke in its wake, the object at the core of the calamity glittering as the sun hits its metallic frame and giving the appearance from afar, perhaps, that from the heavens was falling some ancient star.

The object is in fact gargantuan, when no tricks of perspective can hide it’s size, and it hurtles unabashed towards the sun baked landscape, small chunks of foreign material stripping from it as it violently descends.

Suddenly a smaller object detaches from the larger mass and is whipped away, to fall more casually and freely but with no less velocity and intent. Cylindrical in shape, it spins wildly as it descends until a translucent blue warping of the air appears on it’s underside and it’s mad rotation begins to slow.

The blue grows more fierce as the object’s rotation ceases and it now seemingly falls with purpose, if it’s speed were being measured it would be known also that it was now also slowing, the decrease all the greater the intensity of the underside distortion grows.

The event seems insignificant when compared to the impending disaster that is the imminent impact of the ‘parent’ mass, from a distance it is now almost one with the horizon and any sentient thing comprehending the scene would surely now be bracing itself for calamity.

Impact, a seconds silence, the ground roars in pain, a shock wave blows away everything in a mile radius, storms of rock, earth and metal rushes out and shreds anything in its path, clouds above are ripped apart and sent reeling like waves, the wind howls as it is driven faster than it knows. Tis madness seems as if it will last forever. The winds lessen, the storm dissipates, the clouds settle, the howls of the planet grow silent.

In all this the birthed object had continued steadily downwards and as a wall of force came to slam against it the distortion expanded all around it, chunks of debris simply glanced away from it as if a pebble skipping along the surface of water. It was close now to it’s landing and the underside glowed and shimmered and warped as its blue sheen had become an undeniable pure form of energy, the craft now gently descending as if floating.

Touchdown. A light haze of dust rising up is the only sign the craft hadn’t always been where it finally came to rest, the blue energy field having carved a perfect receptacle into the ground in which it partly rested. The vessels surface was white like marble and smooth textured. If there were eyes to do so, upon close inspection it would be noticed that a thousand tiny veins of light glowed just below the surface, small specs of intensity running along the lengths in incredible speeds. Although smaller than the parent vessel the craft was large with a diameter of roughly 50 metres, ample capacity for its cargo, although only half of the sphere was visible above ground level.

Something was happening. The ships surface seemed to writhe, mass from across it’s expanse seemed to coalesce at a place close to the ground level, a length began to come from the vessel, coming out and then down to make contact with the floor. Suddenly a series of additional columns burst forth from the main and they in turn created more and more, in a manner of moments a canopy structure had been constructed and jutted out from the mysterious object.

What was certainly hours passed with no further activity, until eventually the begginings of shadows formed and began tp creep their way inside this new abridgement, shadows tethered to five forms that moved along its sleek length. They reached it’s end, the point where this strange new planet simply waited and one of the forms took a step into the light and made sound.

“Where are we?”


Image Attribution : Unknown