Infinity Chronicles – Phoenix Saga – Pt2 – Horizons

**The story below is a draft **

The Grav Rover glided over the terrain at a speed close to sound as

it’s pilot and co-pilot scanned the horizon.

“It’s amazing isn’t it, that this planet it so perfect for us?”

Davidian continued to look straight ahead concentrating on unfolding

scenery and data readings and paying only passing attention to the

seemingly unending stream of words that were coming from the

Science Adjuncts lips.

“The materials for the City Scaper are here in abundance, I’ve been

taking samples since the moment we crashed and everything is

optimum, the chances are astronomical, Scions be praised.”

Davidian raised an eyebrow and looked over at Ezek, he’d realised

what he’d said and was fast turning a dark crimson.

“I..I… I just mean… that it is fortuitous and we should thank the

probability indexes.

“Calm down Ezek, I’ve got more important things to worry about than

enforcing the pantheon laws.”

Ezek visibily relaxed, he was lucky, not few in the military caste were

as understanding as he was, another may have arrested him on the

spot if they were back home, but one thing was for certain, here was

definitely nowhere near home.

The Grav Rover veered left as Davidian dodged one of the giant trees

from the forest they’d entered, only moments later to come out the

other side having only just entered.

“Ye..sss well, things are proceeding nicely. We had some trouble at

first, their was some strange recurring data artifacts in the data pools,

it was causing havoc with the regeneration systems but we were able

to collate it all and archive it, the sub-juncts will investigate it later, but

now we’re operating at 95% capactiy. The City will be ready in 5


Ezek was a talker. All the scientist caste were. Davidian had listened

to him for 30 nerins and was having to use all of his training to

dampen the droning sound of his voice on his immensely enchanced


“What do you think Davidian?

“Hmmmm?” he murmoured back in placating disinterest.

“Of the skeletons? Of all of the unanswered questions it is the one

that I feel whos answer is the answer to it all. The mission Maester

was supposed to launch the mission and join us in cryo for the light-

jump yet she is nowhere to be found and on the navigation deck we

find the remains of persons unknown. Whilst it’s just one of the

mysteries we have yet to answer, such as why our memories have all

been tampered with whilst in cryo, I feel it is the mort important, don’t

you think?”

“I do and I’ve read the debrief.”

“… well. Yes. Indeed”

He was quiet for a moment. Ezek always found it difficult to talk to

those outside his caste, with the scientific castes abilities to maintain

several lines of reasoning at once single mode communication was a

strange challenge for them given their mental faculties, and to spend

as long as he had conversing in this way with the military Adjunct was

certainly a personal record.

“Regardless of their identity, it is safe to assume that it is they who are

responsible for the crash, although of course we are checking all

possibilities, but I can see no other way, whilst I don’t remember

much, I do remember that the calculations for the light-jump had been

planned down to the quantum and over 10 cyclots had been devoted

to evaluating them, this mision, as you know, was so critical to the

survival of the….?



“Stop talking. I see something.”


Davidian, looked at the HUD screen

“It’s a structure”

Ezeks eye brows raised and his mouth fell part way open.

“A structure? But. That implies. We’re not alone?”

“Yes. It does.”

Davidian, turned off the HUD and opened the view port, the photon

field initiated protecting him from the force of the pressure whilst

travelling at these speeds, he looked into the distance, the object

growing in size as the rover sped towards it and his enchanced eyes

seeing it in clear definition on top of this, and he was amazed at what

he saw, not a singular object, but many.

He veered the rover off to the right and in just a few quinnins time had

it come to settle not far from what he now knew to be some kind of

alien settlement, positioning the land craft out of site of the fringes of

few of any watchful eyes.

“Wait here Ezek”

“Wait, what? Davidian I cannot must investigate we need data.”

Davidian shot him a lok and repeated himself, modulating his voice for

more authority. “Wait here, Ezek.”

“They could be hostile, I understand, the military caste have authority


Davidian didn’t care about whose caste had precedence he cared that

the science adjunct was not combat ready.

The side door to the rover disassembled itself allowing Davidian to

make his exit and as soon as he did it reassemlbled, appearing once

more as if it had always been there.

He stood for a moment and took in the fresh air of this planet, whilst

the space-city he’d lived on produced ‘perfect’ air it lacked a reality to

it that his heightedned senses craved.

He lept.

He landed roughly 40ft away in a crop of some kind, he’d seen it and

felt it a perfect cover for his reconnaissance and was now making his

way swiftly and silently to it’s edge, he came to kneel in a spot where

two sheafs of something split and looked on in a mixture of

amazement and fear at the scene before him.

People. People everywhere. Never in the human races history had

they come across developed alien life and today was not the day that

would change. These were humans, humans the same as himself, the

same as Ezek, the sames as the whole Phoenix mission roster.

This was important.

He snuck back through the crop and lept again.

He landed just out of site of the Grav-Rover and made for it hastily, he

would need Ezek to take some quick samples so that they could…

“Davidian. Do not be alarmed.”

Before him Ezek was on his knees and a sharp rudimentary weapon

was held to his throat. A woman held it.

He looked at her. She was wild and her eyes shone with command.

“Αφεθείτε. Εγγραφή φίλος σας στα γόνατά σας.” She declared aloud

“It’s a simple language structure Davidian. I believe she is firmly

requesting you to join me.”


“Yes Davidian”

“I have a feeling you’ll be the death of me.”


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