Infinity Chronicles – Phoenix Saga – Pt3 – Starlight

**The story below is a draft **

Davidian walked with Alyssa under the starry night sky as its many distant fiery entities twinkled peacefully thousands of light years away. The hum of the city neutron barriers could be heard

A small wicked smile curled at the corner of his mouth, which he was quick to supress, as he considered how it had not been long ago that she had a sword to Ezek’s throat and had subsequently challenged Davidian to a duel. With his enhanced reflexes he’d bested her swiftly and the four guards who’d moved to her aid after as well but his sparing their lives had shown neither he nor Ezek were a threat to them and they’d been allowed to leave in the Grav Rover with no further hindrance. He remembered seeing though, as he mounted the vehicle, an indignant fire smouldering behind her eyes and when she’d turned up at the newly formed city gates days later, half-starved and travel weary, he was not surprised.

Even now though, weeks later, his mind still reeled from the discoveries that day, even as she talked of the plain things of life and politics in her city he thought back to when he and Ezek had returned to the beta camp that first day of their meeting. Once Ezek had consulted his fellow Technician Casteites of the indigenous humans they had ran scenarios and one that was startling was the one that recurred time and time again as most likely. Using unique star systems in the sky and newly built equipment specific for the task, they calculated beyond reasonable doubt that this was no lost colony from the founding but in fact Earth Prime, the fabled progenitor planet.

How had they gotten here? Who had discovered the planets location so that they even could? It’s location had been cleansed from all reference banks in the founding as a precaution and the study of that time was banned in the old society, so how was it once more discovered again that they might be sent here? Most importantly of all, why had they not been told? Maybe they had, maybe this was one of the many things that had been wiped from their memories in cryo and stood missing from the damaged data pools, he still could not even remember why the settlement mission had been launched, only that it had Alpha priority and many important resources had been devoted to it.

“When a beautiful women walks with you by starlight do you not find it enough of a distraction to take interest in that which she speaks?”

She had stopped and was staring at him now with one hand on her hip and another on her sword hilt that rested in it’s scabbard at her waist, a playful frown sat atop her piercing features.

He’d been found out, he’d clearly delved too deeply into introspection, even for him, and Alissa, quite rightly, was now challenging him over it. Her question was a just one, the questions he asked himself were important but they were the same one’s he asked himself every day, right now there was a far more important enigma to be solved, that of her.

“My apologies Alyssa, whilst I am plagued with many questions of late, whether I am enjoying my time here, now, with you, is not one of them”

“Hmmm though you are of the warrior caste of your people I am sure the politican class would welcome you with open arms if you wished it with such well spoken answers to such difficult questions.”

She shot him a coyly devilish look that seemed to suggest he’d succesfully parried her attack but now, he thought, he’d counter with one of his own.

“Perhaps, it’s true I have when needed a tactical tongue, but as you know it is most definitely in the arts of combat that I excel and so the political life would be wasted on me.”

His words attacked her ego in the calculated manor they were intended, the damage to her pride in being bested in combat a gaping hole that no amount of armour could cover.

“Careful beyonder, I allowed you to leave unharmed once before but I might not be so generous tonight, besides it is only the Herculean blood in your veins that made you such a match, without it I’m sure you could barely swing a sword with proficiency.”

He knew her goading was in jest, in part, but she was challenging his pride now and between warriors this could not go unmatched.

He retaliated and through down the gauntlet.

“Perhaps you’re right Alyssa, but given your lazy countering I doubt I’d even need a sword to disarm you and best you in combat once again.”

For a moment he wasn’t sure if he’d calculated his blow precisely right, he saw that fire again in her gaze and couldn’t tell if it was passion or rage.

She pushed him hard and he let her, going with the force of it, falling backwards onto the trunk of a tree, seemingly where she wanted him to be as she strood forwards and drew her blade.

She threw it away, it made a ferrous clanging as it impacted firm ground and flattened the dew collecting grass, as she reached him he raised his hands ready in feined defence, she grabbed them and raised them above his head, kissing him hard as she did so in one fluid movement. She broke away suddenly.

“No man dares to talk to me this way in my city… I’m glad that you do.”

“No woman is as brash and proud as you from my world, I’m glad that you are.”

Her grip on him softened, not that he was resisting, and his formerly pinned hands now ran their way down her arms, over her shoulders and down to the small of her back, he pulled her in closer and they kissed again.

“I’m curious beyonder” she said in a moment between their passions as her forehead rested on his.

“Are you like us in every way?”

His lips curled up at the corner into a knowing smile and so did hers in response as the unspoken answer to her question passed between them.

As they continued in their passions the electro fence hummed its gentle hum and cast it’s blue and golden glow across the nearby landscape and flowing over the flushed skin of the two lovers to be, the soldier from beyond the stars and the woman born of the wilds of a lost Earth.

Much time passes as locked away emotions gain freedom under a starry night sky and finally two silhouettes gather themselves and their possessions and then make their way in a slow and spent fashion to the main entrance of the neo-city.

Under the watchful eye of the automated sentry system they pause before parting, each searching for something to say to prolong the glow of this evening longer.

She breaks the silence.

“I must return, tomorrow we hold a great feast in my city and I must be present, for many days it will last and I am duty bound to attend.”

He held her gaze as she spoke to him of these things that were of little importance to either of them and couldn’t help but wonder what answer time would provide to the sum of their two unknown quantities.

“When will you return next?”

Simple. Direct. He wasn’t one for small talk at important times.

“I should be no longer than 14 rotations of the sun, I have been away much recently and must complete other tasks my station demands of me, are you worried I will not return, Starman?”

The time of their tenderness was over now and again she could return to her characteristic attacks on his valour.

“I am simply worried that so much time spent at a table with a quill will dull your sword hand further, I guess I will see in 14 rotations.”

She shot him her dangerous smile.

“I guess you will.”

She leaned in closer to him and they kissed him lingering only for a short time before she pulled away began to walk backwards towards where her horse was stationed

“The feast of Marathon beckons Starman, be well and be strong.”

He raised his hand to his chest with his palm closed and let it move away with the palm opening, the customary salutation of his people.

She smiled, turned, mounted the horse and with a loud ‘Hee-aghh’ spurned the ready beast on into the night, she did not look back.

He smiled and watched her disappear into the distance and thought for a moment that all the questions he’d had since arriving here seemed to matter little in this moment, here in this dusk air. Something though was trying to disrupt this peace, one thing seemed to be fighting its way through this small moment of reprieve from his duties, what was it that was lingering on the edge of his thoughts?

His face showed the signs of the deep thought he was engaged in as his brain processed something in its deep dark recesses but as it dredged up, from those murky depths, a startling realisation his face fast became one of fear.

Ezek, he had to speak to Ezek now.


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