Infinity Chronicles – Utopia Saga – Pt16 – Dawn Of Creation

**The story below is a draft **

She stared at them both.

The Red King and The Yellow Queen.

Before her were the two large cylindrical glass cases in which their cascade matrix ‘brain’ servers were kept, suspended in an electrical bio-fluid in the soft light of the room bubbling gently as they were constantly heated to the optimum temperature.Both were the culmination of years of research into artificial intelligence, fuelled by the advances brought about by the golden age of technology that mankind now basked in which was in turn due to the incredible discoveries the last, much darker, age had yielded.

Calling their intelligence ‘artificial’ did them a dis-service. Mankind had tried for decades since the refounding to once more create images of themselves in metal and alloy form but even with all their recent advancements in technology the ability to create true artificial life had escaped them, until now.

She often came in here late at night after hours to marvel at them both, she would stare in awe at them knowing what it had taken to create them and she would wonder on the one aspect of their being of which she could know nothing, ‘what do you feel’? She knew all about the hardware architecture of course that dealt with the processing and computation of information but what she wondered was how these things were interpreted by the core ‘programming’ of them in their consciousness sub-routines.

It had been her research that had led to the breakthrough, her research that had put forward a radical new approach to the creation of AI. She had come to believe that mankind would never understand itself sufficiently in order to program and create their artificial equivalent, the archives had held hundreds of years of philosophical, psychological and scientific research into the great question of life, that of ‘Why’, but nowhere could she find a single unifying piece of work that bridged it all and made sense of the coding enigma that was the human experience.

For years she had laboured on the project until the day she came across the writings of an unknown 21st century Philosopher. This Philosopher had put forward that the universe is the result of a simple equation, a single principle of efficiency, and he had posited that mankind and indeed all ‘life’ was the result of this ‘Universal Law of Evolution’. The theory followed that nothing could survive in our physical world if it was not designed entirely around survival. He had written articles on A.I and robotics and put forward that an artificial intelligence could never work unless it’s programming was based entirely around this imperative, it could not be a ‘binary’ entity he wrote, an entity with anything more than one primary goal as this would bring the program into conflict.

Whilst the writings were merely philosophical musings they had set her mind on fire with regards to new ways to structure the cascading priority algorithms and of course that at their core should be a singular drive module, the drive to survive at all costs. This meant it was the first time the project had created constructs without the traditional Asimov style safety protocols, there was no way this programming structure could accommodate them and she had realised, true life was limitless in action, ‘good’ or ‘evil’ or otherwise.

And so now here they were, The Red King and The Yellow Queen, both ‘sleeping’ in their formless states, their sensory routines looping until the work on their Bodies was complete, the final stage in their creation due any day now. She stood and wondered once more ‘what do you feel’, soon, she thought, they will tell me themselves.

With that she turned down the lights to the storage lab, paused for a moment to marvel at them once more, like a mother staring at her sleeping children, before turning and leaving.

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