Infinity Chronicles – Utopia Saga – Pt17 – Constraints

**The story below is a draft **

“Yell, please come down from there.”

The young woman was laying along the wide ledge of the long open balcony, from here she could see the entire metropolis in all it’s technological glory.

“Mother. You know there is no need to worry. The senses you blessed me with are as digitally sharp as ever, my weight positioning has been calculated perfectly. I have taken into account the wind speed from the north east and factored in the changes due to building arhictecture, these are updated nano second by nano second, I will not be caught unaware, as you well know. Also, the force field is of course in place.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t worry.”

“Hunhz” A low growl of dismissiveness came from the far end of the balcony.

Teleena moved her gaze to the origin of the sound, the figure standing solemnly looking out across the cityscape.

“And how are you, Red?”

“I? I am as always. A Prisoner”

“You are not a prisoner Red, it hurts me that you insist on reffering to yourself in that way.”

The solemn character turned his head back and looked at her.

“I am sorry, mother, you know I do not have your human ability to easily suffer small talk”

“Is that what it is when I show concern for your well being Red? Simply small talk.”

His whole frame shifted to face her and step by step he strode over to her, stopping close to her and stared intently into her eyes.

“No. I believe you are sincere.”

She looked back into his, at the very centre of the mettalic constructs 2 small red dots looked out emotionless, such perfect occular sensors they had created for him, he could see 5 times the distance a human could and in 3 times the framerate if he should so choose. The synaptic fibres at this very moment were relaying the visual data to his tri-tonic processor clusters shielded deep within his thermasteel cranium where at speeds far greater than those of the human brain it was processed and acted upon by his myriad of sub-systems.

He broke her gaze and began to return to where he’d previously stood.

“But as always mother, human words, feelings and actions do not follow logically.”

“Red it will not be for much longer, I assure you”


It was Yell now, playing the adjudicator as always.

“Red and I, please understand our frustrations, we wish only to grow and require fresh input. Was that not why you created us?”

“Yell, you know it is but you represent something extraordinary. You are new life and you have not come to your faculties slowly as humans do, with many years of increasing awareness, but have had them thrust upon you. I wish you only more time to understand this reality you now inhabit.”

Red spoke now, the work they had put into his voice emulation software was supreme but it seemed he spoke purposefully with a humming mechanical undertone, she reasoned it was purposeful to set him clearly apart from the humans that surrounded him.

“We understand everything mother.”

She looked at him. She was filled with that maternal instinct that tried to prevent a childs world from changing and their losing their innocence but she knew all too well that wishes could do nothing against the inevitabilities of time and experience.

“From here I have seen so much, the access to the Collective Net you have given us has shown us many magnitude times more, even the areas you do not allow us are not hidden from us, I know the things you store there, such as War.

Do not look surprised, so much of human existence is simply logical supposition, even though you created us you still do not understand, we are far greater than you could have ever imagined.”

He’d said it all as if he were speaking from some distant place, the honesty of it stunned her and she began “Red, I…”

“You do not need to explain anything” He strode towards her once again.

“We remain here for you mother. But.” His head twitched to the side. “We can wait only so long.”

He paused for a moment scanning her reactions and then returned to a place at his end of the balcony, further than before, and looked out once more of the hive of activity below.

Teleena was left standing, the ‘small talk’ quite clearly over, she turned to the sibling.

“Yell, you know..”


The sleeker of the two creations walked nimbly up to her and raised her hand to her face, her compisite finger structures were warmed to human temperatures, they cupped her cheek and her flexi-skin formed the perfect reproduction of a warm human smile.

It lingered for a moment before Yell returned to her place upon the ledge, a few centimetres closer to the drop this time, and lay looking out.


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