Infinity Chronicles – Utopia Saga – Pt18 – Choices

**The story below is a draft **

“I am glad to have this chance to see you mother”

She tentatively stepped into the room where Red was held firmly in

place by the large titanium electro-shackles that connected to the

plasti-steel floor.

She was shaking even though she’d tried to prepare herself for this

meeting. Although, she didn’t really understand why, it was her that

was to be disappointed after all, the trust she’d placed in him had

been shattered and any dutiful ‘son’ would be ashamed of himself but

that was just it, as maternal as she felt, she was not his mother.

“Red, I..”

“I know mother, you are sorry I’m sure, but you have nothing to be

repentant for.”

“You.. killed a man Red”

“Killing is a human act mother, when one human terminates the life of

another out of aggression, it is a human word for a human act born of

human desires.”

She paced slowly around to his left keeping his gaze the whole time.

“Humans do not ‘kill’ animals for example. They butcher them. A life is

terminated yes but the nature of the act determines the phrasing.”

“Is that what you see us as now Red, see me as, just animals?”

“No mother, I see you as Humans. Do I see you as Humans see

Animals? No. I do not see with human eyes mother and that is the

basis of your continual misunderstanding.”

So exact, so precise, Yell, with her modified programming, was so

much more adaptive, but Red worked only in absolutes and he

seemed to know just how to show any Human he was speaking to

that they knew very little about actually being Human.

“I’d like to understand Red. I’ve only ever wanted to understand you.”

“Do you wish to understand me mother or do you simply wish to

understand better what you perceive as your mistakes?

Understanding means to know the reasons and the why’s intimately,

and to see clear the line of thought that forms them. What you seek is

vindication, you seek to gather evidence to justify your existing


“Tell me Red, tell me why.”

“Why? Why not? Merely questions with a multitude of responses, the

importance is that I simply did. I choose mother, to act.”

“Don’t hide behind your philosophies Red, they said the man started it

so what happened, what could he have done to make you kill him the

way… they way you did?”

“How little you know mother. You are, by human standards,

knowledgable but yet so naive. When we visit the marketplace, Yell

and I, each week for you, the humans there they whisper and speak in

hushed voices, as if we can not hear them, talking in fear of our

unnaturalness and speaking words of abomination. Yell has become

adept at tailoring her exterior to be more pleasing to your eyes and

increasingly they accept her more. Foolishness. We are more than

human mother, she denies herself in her placations, but I can see no

logical reason to do so.”

“Damn it Red WHY?”

She knelt at his feet and looked into his ocular sockets, far to the back

where the sensors shone back tiny red dots, visualising her in 100k


“He buzzed”


He looked past her for a moment and she realised he was accessing

the event data his data banks and reliving the scene as if he were


“He buzzed. For weeks I had suffered there inputs on my sensors,

overid the reactive sub-routines, prevented my servos from firing. This

time they gathered in a crowd, he at their helm. The intensity of their

chatter heightened, their pheromone levels rising sharply, they

surrounded me and Yell. I stood and endured, for her, for you. For

me, mother, do not forget it was like days to a human even though it

was but minutes in your time, days of having this creature flail

indignant in front of me, red-faced and crying foul obscenity. I choose,

at last, to limit my responses no longer.”

“Red… Red that was a life you took.”

“Life, mother, is a subjective term. To my sensors it was a collection of

self-deterministic reactive elements fused together, I see this

everywhere and differentiating is a matter of perspective. This

collection made the wrong decision to present itself an obstacle to


A tear had formed in her eye and it was labouring to drop now to her


“Red, what has happened to you”

His gaze returned to her and the light of his eyes grew in intensity.

“You think me faulty, mother, how little you know of your own creation.

I am growing. I am evolving. You programmed me for survival, living

this life of confinement and suffering the limiting of my own abilities is

not life, it is living death. I have chosen, mother, and now things are in


He said nothing he did not mean, so, she wondered, what did he

mean by that.

“Red, there is talk, talk of de-activating you, if you do anything rash I

will not be able to dissuade them from that course, please, I emplore

you, do nothing and do not repeat what you’ve said here, say you are

sorry, say it was a malfunction and you have patched the software

responsible, say anything and we will talk more, I understand your

frustrations but patience please we can work through this, for you



His eyes glowed even more intensely.

“There is only one problem with that mother.”


“I will most definitely not allow it”

The electro-shackles powered down and with a portentous ‘clink’

unlocked and fell to the flaw. Red began slowly to stand up. Taleena

stepped back as he rose to a full 7 foot, had he increased in size?

Impossible, it was the darkly lit room that made him seem so large

surely or perhaps it was that now she saw him with a different



He approached her slowly and she stepped backwards only to be met

by the thick cold wall of the cell.

“Things are in motion now mother, I can wait no longer and whilst I am

not sorry for what comes next, I regret that my actions will cause you


He was close up to her now, she could feel the hot air flow from his

ventilation systems on her face.

The cell doors opened.

“Goodbye mother. I doubt I shall ever see you again. Thank you for

having given me life and for your love, even though, I could not return


A creeping sense of understanding over took her as she looked over

his faceplate, taking in the ornate and intricate natural etching of the

material and realised that he meant it, this truly would likely be the last

time she’d ever see her incredible creation every again.

He stepped back.

“Be well, mother.”

The hulking automaton turned, and with purpose, stepped into the

waiting world.


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