Infinity Chronicles – Utopia Saga – Pt19 – The Becoming

**The story below is a draft **

The automata war had waged only 4 months and the ruthless

efficiency, perfect tactics and unrelenting advance of the machine

armies, led by The Red King, had turned it quickly to their favour in all

the Megazones across the world.

Since the moment he had escaped his cell the Super-Android Red

had put been putting his plans into motion, systemic blackouts in the

mega-city in every direction had criplled the surveilance systems

allowing him to dissapear into the underbelly of the megatropolis. Next

came the blasts. Key infrastructure installations in Megazones around

the world suffered devastating explosions which caused citizenry

systems efficiencies to drop to system collapsible levels, something

not seen since before the second founding. The chaos and confusion

allowed the Machine Forces to mobilise at the perimeter of each

Megazone, a spectral shining force that glimmered as it marched in

perfect unison, armed with advanced weaponry and heavy artilery.

As the deadly host came and barraged the fringes, sleeper cells

erupted in the interiors and had continued to do so for much of the

conflict. As if from nowhere, at key strategic times and moments they

would appear, disrupting reinforcement arrival, destroying transport

lines and sabotaging energy plants, food stores and more. What

everyone dreaded though was the screamers. Some cell activations, it

seemed, were for nothing more than fear. From the moment they

appeared to the moment they were destroyed the ‘screamers’ emitted

a high pitched scream that it was said in whispers would make the

ears bleed. Whilst the name had come from mainly from this banshee

wail it was inexorably tied to the common knowledge that the

screamers victims were made to suffer unimaginably before the end

at the cold hands of the unfeeling automatons.

After the human forces had chance to recover from the initial

onslaught and mobilise defences they had begun to piece together

how they had been taken so completely unaware. Analysts scanned

thousands upon thousands of gigaqauds of data to track the subtle

machinations of The Red King in the data nets of the world. He had

commissioned the manufacture of armies of new droids and upgraded

them with new systems and design improvements. He had

appropriated advanced weaponry and stockpiled it all in remote but

strategic outposts. He modified software in systems ranging from

manufacturing plants to the common house droid and changed the

software which monitored that software all in perfect unison. Evidence

of his activities had been hidden through months of small

manipulations in a dizzying array of systems, with misdirection built

upon misdirection, all whilst living comfortably in his accomodation at

the Science Universitatum.

Since before his escape it had all been planned to perfection, from

that day their advance and constant guerilla activities had proceeded

in highly accurate calcuation and it was now was clear Mankind were

facing an unstoppable threat. It was this that had led the High Council

to call upon the architect of The Red King, his maker the 8th Level

Scientasist Taleena Shaldoun, to attend at a code gold meeting of the

Zonal Cabinet.

She sat now as one of many delegates in the conference theatre of

the Central Ajudicum of the High Capital Magistrate, the chief ruling

body of her Mega-zone. Her notoriety had earned her the nickname

‘Pandora’, the mythological mother of all mankinds fears, and those

who passed her in it’s grand halls muttered it to themselves under

their breath in chastisement.

She was here to give her pespective on the coming debate, if it was

asked of her, as the Red King’s creator she had tried to help in

extrapolating his war plans with the Military analysts but it became

clear early on that his brilliance as a tactician could not be

counteracted. The synchronisation of the mecha-forces was

unparralled, with each unit working as part of an integrated whole to

fulfil an intricate and evolving strategy, reacting to outcomes in

moments as one with no chain of command to delay decisions.

Even with the advanced AI’s the human forces employed to manage

their automated weapons of war it was not enough, The Red King,

with his awareness of self, showed creativity and cunning that could

not be programmed, it was far beyond simple pattern recognition and

response. But even if the supercomputers could have been

programmed to match his guile they would still succumb to his

constant hacking, with thousands of semi-autonomous attack

programs trying to access the human networks every second, creating

disruption to the military, domestic and infrastructure information


The situation was now being said to be one of the worst mankind had

ever faced and it was this gravity of circumstance that had led to this

holo-meeting today of all the leaders of the worlds Mega-zones. The

leaders of Mega-zone Prime, the largest and most well respected, this

Mega-zone, whom were to put a bold plan to the Zonal Cabinet that it

was being said may be mankind’s only chance to survive the


A tone rang out to signal to those in attendance that the session was

about to start. Taleena shook her mind from her thoughts of Red and

Yell that occupied her constantly of late and looked at her virtupaper

in front of her, it had only one item on it scheduled for discussion,

“The Proposal”, which meant that it was so bold that they did not even

wish to title it before the session.

A hush fell. The High Zeearct approached the septum.

In other septums, arranged about him in a circle, a soft hum was the

precursor to a blue dancing light that multiplied and scattered before it

began to coallesce, taking on the shape and forms in perfect accuracy

of figures and faces of the other High Zeearcts from the worlds 23


Another tone rang out. Council was now in session.

“My fellow Zeearcts” the High Zeearct said with an edge of fear in his


“We are at the beginning of the end.”


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