The Infinity Chronicle (Novella)



The Project

The Infinity Chronicle is an interesting project conceptually, being an amateur writer I don’t really get the time to concentrate on one singular novel and prefer to work in bursts on short stories. For practice sake I also want to write different types of stories and so needed freedom in my writing style. This all led to The Infinity Chronicles which are a series of 25 grouped short stories with each group of 5 stories set in a different time period and focusing on a different main protagonist. It’s been a joy and a challenge to keep the continuity flowing across this linked narrative whilst keeping each story individual and interesting.



In the face of the vastness of history do our actions have meaning or are we simply entities acting without consequence in our own tiny corner of space? 5 strangers who will never meet weave their threads in a tapestry of time, guided by an unseen force for an unknown purpose.

Exploring themes of duty, mystery, penitence, purpose and vengeance The Infinity Chronicle is a story that transverses time and builds to a crescendo climax of action and resolution. In the background of this grand narrative is a quieter story being told of how new life comes to it’s own understanding of the universe and its place in it and the beauty in existence that hardship and sacrifice can illuminate.


The 5 Sagas of The Infinity Chronicle

  1. Pic - 1Phoenix Saga
    1. A craft from an unknown world lands on a planet that against all odds is perfect for the vessel’s inhabitants. These alien settlers soon come to find that this world of promise is not theirs alone.



  1. Pic - 6Atlantis Saga
    1. A young boy stands on distant shores in front of a door that leads to he knows not where. Drawn to it and enthralled by it he takes a journey through it that will change his life and the course of history.



  1. Pic - 11Outlander Saga
    1. A lone grizzled figure makes his way through a charred and dieing land carrying a burden that he knows he’ll never loose but an unexpected meeting with an agent of destiny brings a glimmer of hope.



  1. pic - 16aUtopia Saga
    1. In the sterile fluorescence of a hi-tech laboratory a lone scientist draws inspiration from 20th century philosophy in her quest to create the ultimate achievement of mankind, Artificial Life.



  1. Pic - 21Galaxy Saga
    1. In a bar located on the outer fringes of human intergalactic territories two old acquaintances, now enemies, meet to discuss a faustian offer of employment with great rewards at the cost of a soul.